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Andrzej Kowalski Quartet

"Andrzej Kowalski is a very talented guitarist and composer. His insight into music is broad, and the phrases he plays are surprisingly fresh and creative. I keep my fingers crossed for his artistic future, being convinced that sometimes he will positively surprise us with the class of his creative search.”    

-Marek Napiórkowski  



"The record début of the Andrzej Kowalski Quartet is an album at a very high level, both in terms of music and performance. Extremely mature, interesting and highly diversified and simultaneously conceptually coherent album. “Abstrakt” is a captivating musical story to which you want to return!” 


-Mateusz Smoczyński

  “If only Andrzej Kowalski receives such an opportunity, he will surprise the Polish music scene more than once and his composer's taste and work ethos will reveal its fruits in the form of inter-genre masterpieces.  Andrzej Kowalski is an announcement of the upcoming new tsunami wave in Polish jazz which, if we are not careful - can catch us by surprise. Let's not be taken by surprise, let's listen to the variety of inspirations contained on his very interesting album called “Abstrakt”. We will be welcomed not only by the sounds of guitars and synthesizers, but also by really outstanding instrumentalists playing double bass, saxophone and drums.  I recommend it.”   


-Nikola Kołodziejczyk






The Andrzej Kowalski Quartet is a band of musicians studying at the Academy of Music in Wrocław, the Academy of Music in Katowice and the University of Music in Warsaw.


The band performs mainly original compositions of the leader being a product of his musical fascinations. Although the musical pieces are embedded in the jazz style, elements of other genres can be heard in them, such as classical music, electronic music, minimalism or rock.


This year, the band has become a prize-winner of the "Jazz Phonographic Debut" programme organised by the Institute of Music and Dance, consequently, on 15 June their first album entitled "Abstrakt" was released. Apart from that, the band has won Grand Prix of the 21st Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa and the ZAiKS Authors' Association award at 55th Santander Jazz nad Odrą festival. The second, this time a concert album of the band entitled  “Live at Radio Katowice” will be released and attached to the September issue of Jazz Forum.


Andrzej Kowalski - guitar, synthesizers, compositions

Robert Wypasek - saxophone, synthesizers

Jan Wierzbicki - double bass, bass guitar

Adam Wajdzik - drums

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